Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Of course Mary had become the mother of Jesus.  But because Jesus Christ was a Spirit from heaven who came to earth as man, then Mary could be called "Mother of the Son of Man."  The statement, "Hail Mary, Mother of God" is blasphemy!  God is a huge Spirit - a Spirit which contains the heaven and the earth just like what King Solomon had said in the Bible, "Heaven is your throne and Earth is your footstool."

The Mary of the Catholics is not the real Mary who actually is now in heaven.  This Catholic Mary is a Virgin with capital "V" - meaning head of the virgins.  Supreme virgin or Virgin of virgins!  The real Mary could not hear any prayer or petition for she does not have a Spirit of a God-being.  On the other hand, this Mary of the Catholics is a fairy disguising to be the real Mary who of course did not have flesh ever since. 

This Catholic Mary is just on earth, therefore,  she could listen to those who pray to her thru idolatry.  And this Catholic Mary in the fairy form certainly had possessed vampires, witches, zombies, animals, fish or any creation with flesh, but it doesn't mean that she had her own genitals used for sex. 

Satan could therefore be this Virgin Mary!  Did you ever know that Lucifer became Satan in the garden of Eden?  It was Eve that caused his downfall!  Satan did not react so badly after God created Adam.  He got cranky and erotic when Eve was created - imagine Eve's beauty with those nice boobs and that pubic hair-covered vagina.  So then, Satan possessed the serpent!  But what can a serpent do - just talk?  Eww!

Satan just like any other angel can not have sex.  They are spirits without flesh.  They were created with no genitals - they don't actually piss.  SATAN is VIRGIN MARY of the Catholics!  Why would Satan show off himself as an ugly monster with horns and tail?  Does he not have power to show himself as a beautiful lady with mouth closed always, not showing the teeth? How many of this world worship and bow down to him as Virgin Mary?  They are like sand on the seashore - imagine that!  In the Philippines alone, they are millions! How about in Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Rome, Italy and the rest of the Hispanic world?  And Catholics fight Christians when they are rebuked - especially stiff-necked Filipinos.

Filipinos are hard-headed, yeah? Cool!

Understand this, VIRGIN MARY is SATAN who lives in VATICAN.  And VATICAN is a place in PURGATORY!  And PURGATORY is just on EARTH!  PURGATORY is actually HELL!

Oh, my gosh!


And stiff-necked Filipinos send their children to Catholic Schools and Universities, huh, alright!

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