Saturday, January 12, 2013

May The DAY OF THE LORD Be This Year 2013

Has the world got enough Bushfires, Flush Floods, Economic Crisis, Scorching Heat, Volcanic Eruptions, Freezing Temperatures, Earthquakes, Famine, Poverty, Diseases, Wars, Tsunamis, Plane, Train or Bus Crash, Cyclones, Tornadoes, Pests Infestations, Disasters, Accidents, Injustice, Corruption and other misfortunes?

Because of Ignorance and Stupidity we suffer. We had been given the Word of God but we chose not to give importance to it! God is love; but if you can’t afford to love Him back, He isDestruction! His instructions had been clearly stated by the Lord Jesus Christ.

By this year 2013, The 666 Beast, Pope Benedict XVI must be persecuted for sending your mothers and fathers to hell! Along with Catholic Bishops, Priests, Nuns, Muslim Imams, Buddhist Monks, Hindu Gurus, Mormon Elders and other Ministers of Falsehood, he must be thrown into the Lake of Fire! I wish this would take place in the Philippines.

The Earth and everything in it is the Lord’s. You might have wealth but where does it come from? Where did the metal on your car or any vehicle come from? If you have a house or building where were the materials taken from? Or if you have a mobile phone or computer, don’t you think the materials used were from God’s creation, the Earth? Even if you just have an aquarium, where do the fish, seawater and glass come from? The food that you eat, the water that you drink, the air that you breathe and everything you have is God’s.

It is just right then that you give back to God even a little amount cheerfully, so that His Word might be spread and fulfilled. As a simple token of thanksgiving, this would help your relatives and friends all over the world to be drawn to Him.

If, however, it is hard for you to give donation or support, may you never ever enter God’s rest!

Give donations while they are acceptable to God. Time will come that they will no longer be necessary. You may then bring what you have stolen from Him to hell!

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