Tuesday, February 26, 2019


The Bible
(Lyrics & Chords)

Intro: D----;

D.             Bm
If God is dead,
          G                     A
How come to this day we live?
    D.              Bm
If He’s just a myth,
            G.                         A
How come there’s no place like earth?
Bm                            A
No one forced you to believe;
          G                        A
Just find out when you’re dead,
Bm                  A
Do I have to waste my time
          G               A
For someone stupid?
D            Bm
Artistry pleases many,
G                              A
Ones with gold especially;
D                               Bm
Some would bring flowers daily,
G                               A
Some would kiss, dance and pray!
Bm.              A
Evil spirits want this way,
       G          A
We call it idolatry;
       Bm                        A
No matter what the name might be,
G                           A
Satan would be happy!


G             D
I’m no fanatic,
Em.     F#m
I’m no hypocrite;
        G                             D
And I don’t care if you wanna be
G             A
Kinda lunatic!
D              Bm
Fiction I love so dearly,
G                      A
Since I was a baby;
          D                   Bm
A bit jealous with kids today,
                  G                        A
They got play station on TV!
          Bm                      A
Don’t make another story,
         G               A
The Bible is enough for me!
         Bm                A
Your testimony’s fantasy,
           G                                A
Your book is something cranky!

Pork and cuttlefish are yucky,
During the times of Levi;
What God has cleansed, don’t call them dirty,
Roast them instead, it’s yummy!
Bad thoughts you can’t wash away,
The Christ you hate, it’s only He!
So don’t tell us you’re godly,
Even if you dress so weirdee!

(Repeat Chorus)

Ad lib 1: D – Bm – G – A -; (2x)

D         Bm
But in anyway,
   G                     A
I know it’s not easy;
      D             Bm
To be freaky as can be,
      G                                A
It needs some sort of mastery!
        Bm                               A
You promise God would repay,
G                    A
If I give you money;
          Bm                       A
And when I’m broke financially,
G                      A
You just say, you would pray!

This world is full of tricks
You ride on it, you’ll get the twist;
They’d say, “It’s advance and hi-tech”,
No matter how and what it takes;
Science I appreciate,
But not all those who use it;
I just could not admit,
We came from stars and comets!

(Repeat Chorus 2x)


How does the Holy Bible compare with Qur'an and Book of Mormon?

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