Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Despite all the warnings, advices and enlightenments regarding spiritual things, Cebuanos still worship the god called Sto. Niňo - King of the dwarfs! Protector of the elves!

Every year, the Cebuanos make a festivity called “Sinulog” with extraordinary extravagance! The dances are practiced for months, the costumes are sparkling and pictures and images of this god are waved in the air on city streets. The Sinulog parade is more like a Brazilian Mardi Gras! Ordinary people, businessmen and government officials cheer and praise this festivity and consider it a great celebration! Tourists from other countries come to watch this very fascinating event and the local government of Cebu hails the profit that would be created. A million peso investment could go up to a hundred fold in revenue!

Cebuanos had been told about the evil that would come after this God-annoying idolatry. Year after year they had been informed about this rebellion. The message “The Sinulog – fame or shame?” had been sent to email address of radio stations, newspapers, schools, hospitals and to individuals and the number of these email addresses was more than 10,000. It was more than enough. The expectation was that Cebuanos are wise and obedient to God but unfortunately it was not the case! Cebuanos are extra-stupid and super-freaky and disobey God’s rules!

Right after Christmas, the Cebuanos exchange the Son of God, Jesus Christ, with a weird-looking god, Sto. Niňo. This god must be a Starwar champion who doesn’t even know how to change diapers. This god also dresses like Superman! We never know this might be Superman’s unwanted son! This god must also be half-Japanese! It’s got semi-circular legs! What else does this god tell us? The peace sign of its fingers – has this god been to the concert called “Woodstock”? And it carries the world! This could be Hercules’ lost nephew!

GOD HAS PRONOUNCED HIS WRATH FOR CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES! God is good but why should Cebuanos do this evil? They had been told that after a few abominations and divinations of any statue, demons would possess them and stay there feeling happy to receive worship and praise! God’s rule is simple – no demons, no idols, no humans to be worshipped. How come it is always too hard for them to comprehend?

Therefore, let God pour out His judgment on Cebuanos! Let the priests of this god make an appeal to Him! And let this god, Sto. Niňo save the Cebuanos!

Cebu City is a nice city, not as polluted as Manila and it’s the pride of the Visayas region. There had been slight calamities in this place in the past – just minor typhoons and minor earthquakes. This time it would be major, it would be devastating!

Does Cebu City have strong economy like California or New Orleans in America? Well, these cities crippled after typhoons. How about Banda Aceh, Indonesia, was it crippled after the Tsunami? Ache people became beggars!

Cebu City is arrogant enough and foolish enough to deserve something worse!

Therefore, may the LORD make His punishment to Cebu more severe! If California and New Orleans lost millions, then may Cebu City lose billions! If Banda Aceh lost a few hundred thousand lives, then may Cebu City lose more!

Flee, therefore, Cebuanos, the LORD’S anger is behind you! His wrath is within reach!

WAIL CEBUANOS, WAIL! Flee to the mountains so God will send rain and you drown in the mud! Rush to the seas so you will be their floating lifeless mermaids! Sooner you will be a laughingstock! May foreigners give no charity, may they call you stupid freaks!

Was the Lord not merciful? Was the Lord not approachable? And was the Lord not patient? Cebuano sins have already been to the sky limits!

Who owns Roman Catholicism, is it not the Vatican? Vatican is Satan’s! What belongs to Vatican, give it back to Vatican! Why do politicians ally with Vatican? And why do people listen to Vatican priests and politicians? They are nothing but Vatican puppets! They are child molesters and advocates of Satan!

Cebuanos never learn! Is not the majority in Cebu City poor people? Are they not already a pity? More hardship, more headache, more days of empty stomach, are these what they wanted? They ask for mercy yet they continually do what God detest!

Does God spare those who disobey Him? God is slow to anger, merciful and full of compassion. God is abounding in love, but why would God love those who hate Him? Serving the shorted-footed pathetic and lunatic Negrito called Sto. Niňo is hatred to God!

Therefore, let the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth crush Cebu City, Philippines. Let His jealousy burst! Let His anger dominate!

Cebuanos never tried to understand the ways of the Lord. Let it be that way, they will never understand anyway.


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