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The Bible

Man MUST not live by bread alone but also by the words that come out from the mouth of God.   This mouth of God is Jesus Christ.  He is God's advocate.  He speaks in behalf of God!  If any man speaks in behalf of God but is inconsistent with that of Jesus Christ's Teachings, then such a man is a false prophet, a false minister or a false religious teacher.  Such a man is from the Devil, he shall not go unpunished!  He must be put to death!
 At this point of time when the world is confused about what's happening - why is mankind in big trouble, and when are these plagues, economic crisis, disasters, diseases would come to an end, the greatest thing to do is Discover God by Yourself!  The following is a guideline:

The Bible (New International Version Recommended)

The key to understanding the Holy Bible is to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  Then every good thing of God follows.  You will become righteous in His eyes and you will be baptized with His Spirit.  There are so many religions which do not consider Jesus Christ to be the Son of God and they were misled by their futile understanding.  Islam, Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormons, Iglesia ni Cristo, Church of Scientology, the Israeli church called Judaism and many others regard Jesus Christ as only a prophet and just a mere human being.

Well, this is the TRUTH – Jesus Christ was already a God being and sat at the right hand of God the Father before the creation of the heavens and the earth begun!  God is a Spirit and Jesus Christ already existed before the time of angels and mankind.  And because of the Fall of Adam, Jesus Christ revealed Himself with a human flesh (so humans could see Him) and allowed to become an offering that sinners might be saved from God’s destruction.  Sinners go to hell, and this is all about destruction – it’s total and eternal!  Now, at this point of time, Jesus Christ transfigured back into a Spirit with God!

God has spoken through Jesus Christ and everything he spoke was written in the Bible.  If you consider the Bible as a history and testimony of God’s people then you are lucky!  If you are a racist and can’t agree with Jewish teachings then you will make your life a complete mess!  The Israelites before the time of Moses had been slaves for Four Hundred Thirty years in Egypt.  You don’t have to be jealous about it!  I didn’t mean that all Israelites of today are righteous in the eyes of God because they are the descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel .  God does not favor anybody.  If you disobey Him and haven’t been covered by the salvation of Christ then you certainly would go to the same place called Hell!  God is not racist!  Israel is just lucky since its ancestors found favor in God during that time when God wished to reveal Himself.  The salvation of God could have come from Australia , Philippines , Nicaragua , Africa , Brazil or any other nation!  We just have to consider ourselves lucky since we still have this revelation up to this time.

Jesus Christ showed Himself as a God being to Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Samson’s parents and the Israelites in Mount Sinai .  His Name was Lord Almighty.  These things were recorded in the Bible.  The scriptures in the Holy Bible are God-breathed.  The more you read them, the more you get closer to God.  The more your spirit will be cleansed!  The more your thoughts would become clear of malice.  The more you don’t corrupt and the more you don’t engage yourself in sexual immorality or murder!  Reading the Scriptures is like eating bread to nourish your body.  Reading the Bible nourishes your spirit!  In comparison, reading the Islamic book, Qu’ran or The Book of Mormon on a day to day basis makes you a complete idiot!  These books are full of created stories and false testimonies!  These books are full of lies!  Sooner or later you will be carrying out evil!

Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions that engage in Idolatry or worship of statues and pictures are NOT religions of God!  These are religions of the Devil in addition to religions that do not consider Jesus Christ as a God being.  These religions just take the money from your wallet and send your spirit to hell or purgatory!  These religions are rubbish!

But Roman Catholicism claimed that it’s also about Christianity!  Yes, it worship Jesus Christ, however, it also worship the Devil who speaks to your mind from within the statue of Mary, Black or Pale ceramic Jesus, Sto. Nińo or any other statue.   Also, the Vatican canonize the dead to become saints.  It’s indeed the Church of the Dead!  Plus, it also causes people to worship the Fairies or White Ladies who live in the trees!  These ladies are demons which St. Bernadette, the Nun, called “Lady of Mount Carmel”, “Lady of Fatima”, “Immaculate Concepcion”, “Lady of Guadalupe” and other names of sluts from hell!

Roman Catholics are not Christians!  They are spiritual prostitutes!  Loving and worshipping both God and Satan is not acceptable to God!  Therefore the Devil has all your worship and praise!  You can distinguish by yourself whether Roman Catholicism is for God.  You can see in newspapers, hear on the radio, and watch TV about sexual immorality by Catholic priests and bishops.  If you consider this shameful act as God’s righteousness then it’s up to you!  If it’s your desire to weep and gnash your teeth in hell, then you should be alright!  Satan loves you, he would let you kiss his ass, and be happy about it!

As for people who wish not to suffer in hell, it’s time for you to pick up your Bible and learn about the TRUTH OF GOD!  Time is running out!  

God bless you.

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