Saturday, September 24, 2011

Muslim Repentance

Muslims around the world should repent.  They had been worshipping a false God for many years.  This is how it goes, when you call upon God, He would draw you to His Son, Jesus Christ.  Now if you hate Jesus Christ, how could you come to God?  In Saudi Arabia, if you preach Jesus Christ's teachings, you will be hanged on a Christmas day.  In Indonesia, Muslims call Jesus Christ, "dog".  Some Muslim clerics pretend to say, "We love Jesus, too", but in their hearts, they hate Him so badly.  The Spirit of Jesus Christ is real, He is just waiting and He is everywhere. 
Repent and be baptized by Him with the Holy Spirit of God.  The teachings of Jesus Christ were all recorded in the Holy Bible.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is not all about racism, it just happened that Abraham, the father of generations, was the righteous one in his time and found favor in the eyes of God and all things that took place up to the time of Mary and Joseph, the foster parents of the Lord who showed Himself with flesh (Son of Man) were written and recorded by men of God who for sure had been baptized with the Holy of Spirit of God.  This means that the Scriptures written in the Holy Bible were God-breathed and were protected by God from evil men of evil intent and sectarian bias. 

Forget Israelites at this time, God does not show favoritism.  What matters most is that you follow God’s  will and you will know Him so well.  God's will, His commandments, His blessings, His forgiveness, His grace, His mercy and His being were all spoken and revealed by Jesus Christ.  Without Jesus Christ, nobody will know who God is.  Not even Moses had seen His face.  Mohammed is not a prophet of God, he was just guessing for business matters.  Jesus Christ spoke of how is it to be righteous in the eyes of God.  Stop believing Islam, its teachings are all about lies.  Islam speaks all about what Satan wants.  Repent all you Muslims while the Lord Jesus Christ makes Himself available for you.  Repent while heaven is near.  Repent before time is running out! The True and living God is the Father of Jesus Christ!  Other gods like Allah of Islam, Buddha of China, Durga of India, Mary of Pope Benedict XVI are but Demons!  And Jesus Christ of Vatican is not the real One, he is Leonardo da Vinci!  And do not be baptized with Catholic holy water for it is nothing but pork oil!  Be baptized with the Holy Spirit of God which only could be done by the Spirit of Jesus Christ! 

God bless you. 

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